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P-Labor is distribution partner and certified installer of electrical charging stations of the manufacturer TheNewMotion.

In conformity with the company strategy P-Labor is taking the next consistent step and offers the perfect electrical charging stations of the market leader TNM for the hotel industry, healthcare and gastronomy sector. Besides to the fully automatic charging station „LoLo“, P-Labor offers a backoffice software package for the controlling, monitoring and accounting of the „LoLo’s“.


Integration of the provider in a European loading network

“Lolo” means “Load Location”, the charging stations can be seen comfortably over a simple to operate app.


Parking time is Loading time!

Users of electric or hybrid vehicles are looking specifically for hotels and restaurants with a charging station, to load during the stay their vehicles. “LoLo” fits to all e-cars and offers the charging with the ideal capacity of 22 kW.

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Lolo charging station

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